Kelowna South

On the brink of the busy downtown core resides a gorgeous waterfront area that stretches all the way down to the Lower Mission area.

Close to the hospital, the beach, all sorts of amenities – the Kelowna South area is very desirable for young and old.  Let us show you where the deals are in this area! 

Abbott Street, the main street along the lakeshore, is perfect for walks, bike rides, longboarding, or taking the dogs for a stroll, due to the generous sidewalks and traffic controlled streets. The houses along Abbott are also very unique and well-kept; a blend of new and antique, providing a very diverse scenery. This area is also home to many condo developments, providing great living access alongside the downtown core.


Kelowna South At a Glance


• A.S. Matheson Elementary


• Kelowna General Hospital

• Beach and boat access

• Close to cultural district

• Easy access to Lower Mission

Avg. List Price:

• $561,546.00