Kelowna - our new home!

This summer is totally different from all other summers that I ever had. This summer I’m spending here, in Kelowna. Our family decided to relocate to Okanagan Valley, BC. It was totally considerate and at the same time spontaneous decision.

I spent almost 7 years living in Toronto. It is a great city and can offer you a lot, except quietness and peace of mind. People are always in a rush and stressed. They are stressing out about job (if they have one, most of the time they hate it; or if they don’t, they will be obsessed to find one) and house (they are obsessed to buy a piece of property and when they bought it, they will be complaining about mortgage, property taxes and annoying realtors who desperately want to list your property. This is Toronto’s reality!

It had been already a month since our BIG move. We are very happy here and don’t have any regrets about our decision.

Please follow up with my journey and stay turned for more posts and updates about my life, Kelowna and real estate market. It will be interesting, I promise.

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