Smith Creek

An accessible rural area, Smith Creek resides on the hillside of West Kelowna, and is very close to the Westbank Centre.


Larger acreages lead into a hillside suburban area, overlooking the farmland below, with access to great hiking or mountain biking trails, including the Smith Creek trail, known for being a very diverse mountain biking trail.


Smith Creek also conveniently extends right down close to the lake, making beach access very easy on those hot summer days; because there really are a lot of them. Smith Creek definitely presents itself as one of the most convenient housing areas in the entirety of West Kelowna.

Smith Creek At a Glance



• George Pringle Elementary School

• Rose Valley Elementary School

• Helen Gorman Elementary School

• Constable Neil Bruce Middle School


• Hiking and biking trails

• Close to Westbank Centre

• Medical and dental offices

• Rural atmosphere

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